What is Coast to Coast HTM about and what sets our organization apart?

When your equipment is down, your operation is shut down and your staff sit idle waiting for it to get repaired -- which can take up to several days if you're using the manufacturer or your local technician has to source parts .  Once it is repaired, you still have to call, reschedule appointments with patients and risk them placing their patient care needs in another facilities hands.

Who needs that?
That's why we created a rapid response repair team to get you up and running at industry setting speeds.

Our team has helped everyone from remote radiology programs to nationwide healthcare groups and identified areas to minimize their down time while optimizing system up time.  Which adds to their bottom line while increasing patient satisfaction at the same time.

Isn't it about time you did the same?

Check out what our customers have said, then give us a call for a free cost-analysis to determine how much of a difference we can make in terms of optimizing availability of your systems.