What is Coast to Coast HTM about and what sets our organization apart?

When your equipment is down, your operation is shut down and your staff sits idle--- which can last several days! Once repaired, patients have to be called back and risk patient placing their patient care in another facility's hands.

Who needs that?! All the hard work put into building a lasting relationship with the patient is lost and trust is broken. We believe in building solid relationships, based on transparency and patient-centric service.

That's why we created a rapid response repair team and dispatch call center to get you up and running at industry-setting speeds. Our 24X7 call center is standing by with a nationwide service and parts reach to meet our customer's needs at industry-setting speeds.

Our team has helped everyone from remote radiology programs to nationwide healthcare groups. We stand apart by identifying areas to minimize their downtime while optimizing system uptime before issues occur. System uptime maximizes departments' bottom line while increasing patient satisfaction at the same time.... every time.

Isn't it about time your department did the same?